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Sunday Funday!

Hey all,

Special Sunday workout tomorrow, which offers the chance to catch up on one of the CWCC qualifier workouts, or to take on our class workout for the day!

Come on in for 8:30am or 9:30am, see ya there.

Also, you can join Erin for a run at 2pm at Elk Lake!




WARM UP: 5 min of Cindy

WOD - BenchPull:

Rx: 20-15-10-5 of assault bike cals, bench press @ 75/115 and Pullups.

FG2: 65/95

FG1: scale bar as needed, jumping pullups

CP1: 95/135 and ctb pullups.

CP2: 105/155 and 10-8-6-4 ring MU

15 min cap

Accessory: Not for time: 4-6 sets, alterating between 8 pistols (4/leg) and 6-10 TTB, double crunch, or abmat situps

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