Qualifier wod 2

January 27, 2020



Hey all, Monday brings another chance to take on a qualifier wod for those of you who are registered for the CWCC!  This time around it's a longer wod - 25 minutes - that requires consistency and perseverance to keep the pace up.


For the class wod, we'll also be taking on a 25 min AMRAP but with a big mix of movements.  Challenge yourself with the front squats to get the best strength effect!





CanWest Online Qualifier WOD # 2




*Please note, if you are registered for the qualifier, you will do the wod as written.  If you are NOT registered for the qualifier, you will do the "class" version!


25 minute AMRAP of:



15/20 calorie row

20 foot hs walk (5' minimum)

5, 10, 15, 20... double DB box step overs (35/50)

20 foot hs walk (5' minimum)


Intermediate Scaled:

15/20 calorie row

20' dual DB lunge (5' minimum, 20/35)

5, 10, 15, 20... dual DB front squats 

20' dual DB lunge (5' minimum)





25 Min AMRAP of:

6 front squats (105/155)

10 KBS (35/53)

14 box jumps (20/24)

18 abmat situps


FG2:  85/125


FG1:  Scale bar and KB as needed, box step ups or lower box


CP:  125/185, KB snatch


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