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Devils Press

Photo Credit: Oscar Bravo

The Devils Press is a bit of a newer movement in Crossfit so if you haven't done them before make sure you go lighter and focus on good form.

A few key points:

- Placement of DBs on ground to ensure chest touches ground

-Foot placement up from burpee, make sure you are in a solid position and land flat, minimizes foot adjustments.

-Keep straight back and use hips (like a KB swing) to help get those DBs moving from ground to Overhead.

Good luck, have fun, and cheer on your Classmates!




3 rounds

1min Assault bike

15 American KB swings

15-30sec Beat Swing

WOD: "Devils press CWCC qualifier"


5 rounds 2min work, 1min rest

Get through as far as you can.

Total Reps completed is your Score

10 devil's press(35/50 per hand).

33 Toes to bar

10 devils press

27 kip handstand pushups

10 devils press

21 Chest to Bar pullups

10 devils press

15 strict handstand pushups

10 devil's press

9 ring muscle ups

Intermediate: 20/35 per hand

Scaled: hanging LEG raise, hand release pushups sub for the hspus, regular pullups sub CTB, and CTB pullups sub for the ring muscle ups

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