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What should I do during Open Gym?

When we have open gym as an option for people, many I feel go to the above picture lol.

Curls have their place in strength from time to time but the gentlemen in the above picture is not what we are looking for when you have an Open Gym opportunity.

Today we will have an Open Gym time and if you aren't sure what to do, here are a few tips to help guide you!

1. Talk to your coach, if you have a regular coach that you see consistently they will probably have a few things for you to work on specific to you.

2. Try a workout that maybe you missed from previous weeks.

3. Pick a skill you know you need work on and do some drills to better break the movement down and practice! Could be double unders, pullups, toes to bar, anything! Your coach will help you!

4. Look back in Beyond The Whiteboard for a lift or WOD to retest and see if how your fitness has improved.

Really when in doubt, talk to your coach and they will guide you. That's what we are here for!

So be productive, have fun, and maybe get a few curls in ; )




Rotating EMOM x3 rounds

15sec/15sec Pallof Press

30sec Cossack squat/lateral lunge

30sec Tempo Ring Rows (3-2-x)


Back Squats

Tempo (4 - 1 - x)

6 x 3 reps up to a heavy but smooth set

Every 2mins


Open Gym


Assault bike teams of 3 :

30 sec each person x 10 (SCORE total cals)

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