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Member Highlight: Don

Check out our own Vic City YouTube Channel and our January Member Highlight!

Don is this months choice as he is a consistent 6am class member and has been working hard and improving year by year.

Congrats Don! And thanks for all your hardwork and friendly, welcoming personality!

Vic City Coaches




6 min AMRAP: 10 hollow rocks or 20 sec hollow hold, 10 arch rock lifts, 10 band pull-aparts, 10 strict db press


Handstand Pushups and Strict pullup rep ladder

(1 hspu in minute 1, 1 pullup in minute 2, 2 hspu minute 3, 2 pullups minute 4... and so on)

Alternate movements EMOM until you cannot complete allotted reps for that minute.

Rx: kip hspu, strict pullup

FG2: scaled rom hspu, kip pullup

FG1: regular pushups, banded strict pullup.

CP1: strict hspu, strict ctb

CP2: strict deficit hspu (45/70), 25/45lb weighted strict pullups (SCORE 1)


Tabata Row (SCORE 2):

2 rounds of 8 intervals

rest 4 minutes in between.

Add the lowest metres in any one of the 8 intervals for each set together

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