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New blog series from Coach Sara!

Guest blog from Coach Sara!

Hey Vic City Crew!

Moving forward, I am going to be contributing to the CFVC blog with prehab, rehab and mobility blogs and videos! My hope is to educate and empower each and every one of you on different hot topics in Strength + Conditioning research, mobility drills and different tools to address those nagging aches and pains. If there are specific topics you’d like to hear about, send me a direct message to my new Instagram page, @elevate_withsara

Table top scapular control

This drill is great to start with to gain awareness in scapular (shoulder blade) control, to address nagging shoulder aches and pains, and might even be key in healing issues involving the famed “rotator cuff”. This drill is yes, addressing scapular control, and the main muscle we are targeting here is serratus anterior. The “boxers muscle” is not technically apart of the rotator cuff, but strengthening it can improve overall stability, control and performance of the three joints that make up the shoulder girdle.

Scaling options:

1) In table top position on hands and knees

2) Active table top position with knees overing 1 inch off the floor

3) On low rings

Key points of performance:

1) Neutral spine with engaged core (no sagging hips or arching spine)

2) Elbows straight

3) Movement at scapular ONLY

Sara Vis, RMT

The Athlete Centre


WARM UP: 6-8-10 reps of -

medball cleans

hanging knee raise

russian KB swings


RX: 10 rounds each person, alternating with a partner: 8/12 cal assault bike, 6 single DB hang clean + oh per arm (35/50), 24 double unders.

FG2: scale db to 20/35, 48 singles or 6 du + 18 singles.

FG1: scale db as needed, 24 single unders.

CP1: 10/16 cals, 2 x KB clean and jerk (35/53) sub for DB

CP2: 10/16 cals, 2 x KB clean and jerk (44/70)


5 rounds, not for time of: T rotation plank x 4-6/side, ttb or abmat situp x 6-10 reps, single arm KB suitcase carry x 50' per arm

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