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Double Competition Announcement!

Hang on ladies, fun competitions are inbound!

Hey team,

I hope you're looking forward to hitting some good numbers in the 1rms tomorrow!

I have TWO exciting competition announcements for the upcoming months, so read below if you want to add a little extra spice to your training...

Firstly, its been a while since our last Vic City Games (Sept 2019 I believe) and that is one thing that a lot of people asked for in our fall survey. You also were interested in more charity events at the gym. So we're bringing our Vic City Games back into your lives with a bit of a twist!

The competition will run on Sunday February 23rd, from approximately 830 to 5pm, and is open to any current Vic City member! We'll have Elite, Rx, and scaled divisions, and the best thing is that it will be a PARTNERS competition! All proceeds from this competition will go to charity - see further below for details!

Yep that's right, grab a girl or guy (FF, MM, and FM partners are all good) and throw down with other mixed and same sex teams!

This should be really fun as there will be one big division for all Elite teams, one for all Rx teams, and one for all Scaled teams.

Cost is $20 per person to enter, and to add even more reason to compete, we will be donating all the proceeds to a charity that is close to Coach Tia's heart. In her own words:

In 1999, my cousin, Cody, was diagnosed with cancer and to raise money for the family, my Uncle Wes’s friends started a small Tournament to raise money for the family. The Cody Classic was born. With all the continued community support, my Uncle, family, and very many close friends through this great cause, haven’t let it stop. Every September there is a ball Tournament to raise money for children and families going through Childhood Cancer, the tournament has gone on for over two decades now.

The money goes to families in the Cowichan Valley “from Chemainus to the Malahat, and from Maple Bay to Nitinat,” who are dealing with childhood cancer. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been handed out, to as many as five new families a year. From the costs of travelling to the Mainland for treatment, to lost wages, to other expenses that aren’t covered by a family’s health plan, there are many reasons a family might need money in such a situation.

I have grown up and seen what this Tournament can do for families, and knowing that it is going directly to the family, no questions asked, it can go a long way for a family.

When I’m at this tournament, I’m reminded of how much of a community has been built around this weekend, and how year after year, the same people show up, they catch up, play ball, and so much good comes out of this. Which reminds me a lot about CrossFit. Community.

I would love for CrossFit Vic City to be able to share their love for fitness, sweat it out and work hard for kids battling cancer. So sign up for this upcoming Vic City games, in support of this cause!

So grab a buddy, sign up, and let's throw down on February 23!

The second announcement is that we will be running our very own "Vic City Open" for four weeks in April. This will be an intramural competition, with teams broken down throughout our whole membership as opposed to by classes you attend. It will feature CrossFit Open style workouts as well as some of our Vic City classics. MORE details soon on this one!

So lots to look forward to (and train for) in the coming months. See you soon,





3 rounds of Rowling to 125m

*Coaches choice fitness Reward


Bench Press - 14 min to work up to a 1Rep Max

right into

Back Squat 18 min to 1Rep Max

SCORE both separately then an overall total


4-5 rounds Not For Time

5-10 ring dips

10 DB Rows per arm

10 Double KB Romanian Deadlifts

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