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FREE Beyond The Whiteboard fitness Tracking App

I know Many of you already use Beyond The Whiteboard which is awesome and this week was a great week to be using it! For our strength portion Wednesday look back at your last 1 rep max Bench and Squat that helped you gauge your goal.

If you do not keep track of your workouts or do not realize that you get to use Beyond The Whiteboard for free as a member of Vic City, lets get you set up today!

If you are not setup or have had issues getting setup today please message me at and I will get you all setup!

Beyond The Whiteboard will help you track your weights for testing days and when we do percentage work as well as track your overall general fitness! There are many many great tools for beyond the whiteboard and again its FREE!!

Good job with all the 1 rep maxes yesterday, lots and lots of PRs hit! Now log those numbers in BTWB Today!




Dowel Game 7mins

SKILL: (22mins)

Snatch Balance: 4 x 5reps building Every 90sec

Hang Snatch Pull x 2 + Hang Power Snatch x 1

4 sets Every 2mins

Hang Power or Hang Squat Snatch:

5 sets of 2reps Every 90sec build up

WOD: 2/3 Sprint Marathon (18min)

Alternating Every 90sec x 6 times at each station:

Row 200/250m

Bike 900/1200m

*work should be done in the first 60 sec of each interval

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