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Open Gym Sunday

Hey all!

There is a second round of qualifiers running for the CWCC going on right now, this time for teams. Groups of three men or three women will be taking on four wods to try to qualify for the competition in June.

With that in mind, we're going to open up the gym on Sunday FOR EVERYONE to come in and get some fitness going. The Open gym will run 830 to 1030 am and feel free to do your own skill, strength, and/or conditioning training.

This will be a good opportunity for the teams to get some of their wods in too, so there should be some good action to watch and athletes to cheer on.

See you then!




WARM UP: 3 rounds

5 cossack squats per side

7 russian KBs

9 abmat situps

5 barbell thrusters (empty bar)



In teams of 3: build to an 8RM thruster each person in 12 min. (SCORE 1)

Rest and re-set 6 min

then AMRAP 24 minutes (SCORE 2):

Buy in Row of 1200m

followed by AMRAP in the remaining time of:

12 lengths OH walking lunge (35/45) - 10 reps per length, 120 plate floor to overheads,

120 double unders,

120 pushups.

FG2: Scale weight plate to 25/35.

FG1: Scale weight plate as needed, single unders, scaled pushups.

CP1: Single DB OH walking lunge (35/50), DB snatch sub for plate GTO, option of kip hspu sub for pushups.

CP2: 40-45/70lb DB, strict hspu or deficit kip hspu sub for pushups

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