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Platinum Level Clean and Jerks

Well team, we can all aspire to have incredible technique and equally incredible strength... and in that process, it's nice to watch athletes at the top of their game execute high quality movement.

In the video below, Mattie Rogers breaks the American Record in the clean and jerk. The video shows the lifts in real time and then in slow motion. These are not normal feats of athleticism - this is a 155lb athlete clean and jerking near 300lb with power and precision. Let that sink in for a minute - close to double bodyweight in the clean and jerk.

A lot of you have issues with pulling under the bar to receive a heavy clean and also dropping under the bar on the split jerk. Take a look at the aggressive jump under the bar that Mattie uses when the bar hits the apex of its height in the clean. Also watch the change in body height as she drops under for the split jerk to lock out the arms. 300lb doesn't go that high, even if you're as strong as she is, so you drive it as high as you can then you GET UNDER IT!!




WARM UP: with an empty or light barbell:

6 power cleans, 6 front squats, 3/side split presses, 6 back squats

x 3 rounds, rest in between

SKILL: CLEAN AND JERK (Leaderboard Opportunity!)

3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, E90s timer build to a 1RM

Feel free to practice sets of 3 if you are looking to develop your technique as opposed to maxing out.


This is a unique workout in which you will be working with a single dumbbell the whole time... this will force you to work harder to brace your torso as well as stabilize the single weight. Be mindful of proper back posture and hip movement in the DB snatch!

5 rounds: 6 DB snatch per arm (35/50), 6 DB thruster per arm, 12 goblet reverse lunge.

FG2: 20/35

FG1: scale DB as needed.

CP1: 40-45/60-70

CP2: 53/70 KB sub KB snatch for the DB snatch

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