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Tuesday Challenge

Squad, this is going to be a great double with the Monday partner wod and the Tuesday workout... So get in and get after it!




WARMUP: with a partner,

4 x 300m each person, building speed. Partner not rowing does 10 lunges and 10 hanging knee raise

SPECIFIC WARM UP: Build to above wod weight in the snatch


For time, partitioned as needed:

10 ring muscle ups

12 snatches 95/135

14 shoulder to overhead

16 strict hspu

18 ttb

20 front squats

22 back squats

FG3: Bar weight 75/115, 10 CTB pullups + 10 ring dips sub for muscle ups, kip hspu

FG2: 65/95, 10 pullups sub for ring MU, 32 HR pushups sub for hspu

FG1: scale bar as needed, 10 banded pullups for MU, 16 pushups for hspu, hanging knee raise

CP1: 1.5x reps (15-18-21-24-27-30-33)

CP2: 1.5x reps, bar weight 125/185

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