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Vic City Games this SUNDAY

Throwback Thursday painting of our old Location where it all began!

Reminder that we have Vic City Games this weekend on Sunday!

If you haven't signed up yet, grab a partner and get registered via Push Press.

We will have 3 divisions (scaled, RX, and Elite). And even if you aren't signed up, try to pop on by and cheer on your fellow Vic City member.

Will be a fun day and get you ready for our next training phase!




3 rounds

10 Russian swings

5 Tempo goblet squats

10 Slow T plank rotations


Hang Power Cleans:

10 x 2 Every 90sec @ 90% of heavy double from 3 weeks ago


Relay in partners (not for score): 5-7 rounds each

10 double KB deadlifts OR high handle trap bar

15 wallballs (14/20)

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