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Okay team, here we go!!

The Vic City Games are set to go on Sunday and we've got a pool of willing participants ready to rock. We had three teams drop out so what I've decided to do is make one big pool of the remaining eight teams. If I get the scaling right, and you guys push hard, it could be anyone's game!

Here are the teams:

Tony + Connor

Alan + Kevin

Sam D + Leah

Sarah MH + Sophie

Jason + Aiden

Lauren + Victoria

Tash + Kyle

Alison + Debbie

I'll be working on the event schedule tonight but with this single big pool of teams, it should be a pretty compressed timeline (events likely running 9 - 2 or so).

The wods are a mix of sprint relays, sharing work, teamwork, and of course some strength and fitness. Take a look below!

Event 1:

Events 2 + 3

Note that these are run together with a bit of rest in between, should be a spicy combo!

Event 4: 20 min cap

If you're NOT competing but want to come by and judge, cheer, or otherwise help out, please do! The athletes always enjoy having a bit of a crew around and the more the merrier!

See you Sunday,






7min AMRAP: 7/10 cal bike, 15 abmat situps

CP: sub ttb

REST 5mins

7 min AMRAP: 10 Kettlebell Swings (35/53), 15 box jumps (20/24)

CP: 44/70, option of snatches instead of swings

FG: Scale KB and box as needed

REST 5mins

7 min AMRAP: 14 Single Arm DB Hang Clean and Overhead (35/50), 25' goblet walking lunge (35/50)

CP: scale up DB

FG: Scale DB as needed

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