Member Highlight: The Budgell Family

February 28, 2020

 This month we chose the Budgell Family for our member highlight!


Isaac, Abbey, Jason, and Krista are all so friendly and enjoyable to have in class. All 4 work hard, have fun and we are so happy to have them with us here at Vic City. 


If you haven't introduced yourself yet to this amazing family, next time you see them say hello!


Thanks Budgells, keep up the good work!




Dowel Game 5-7mins

*Use dowel for reward movements



Overhead Squats (light practice): 5 x 6-8 Every 2mins

All reps should be smooth. work on a faster rhythm


WOD: "Chipper by the dozen"


12 min AMRAP, With a partner:

12 Handstand Pushups

12 Front squats taken from floor (105/155)

12 Shoulder to Overhead with barbell (105/155)

12 Deadlifts (155/225)


FG2: 95/135, Scale ROM HSPU


FG1: 65/95, 24 HR pushups


TG: Scale bar as needed, Knee or box pushups


CP: 125/185

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