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Monday Engine Work

Hey all, Monday brings the opportunity to build your aerobic fitness... in a big way! Aerobic fitness is what underlies most of what we do in CrossFit - i.e. any event lasting more than about 2 minutes is going to be supported in large part by aerobic energy.

Sometimes these workouts aren't the most glamorous but the payoff really comes when you look to hit a PR on something like "Helen" or "Jackie" or really any benchmark wod that has you breathing hard during the event.

There's a reason why top competitors in CrossFit set aside specific sessions to work on their aerobic fitness - it always pays off when the going gets tough.

The Felix workout is about 10 years old and was designed to be run on a rowing erg. This time we're doing it on Assault Bikes and the option is there to do double the volume.

Whichever one you choose, grab a buddy who will help carry you through the tough spots!

Work hard, work together, and get more fit!




WARMUP: 5 min Cindy



Conditioning WOD:

Assault Bike Double Felix

(2400 - 1800 - 1200 - 600 - 2400 - 1800 - 1200 - 600m bikes alternating with a partner)


Single Felix (2400 down to 600 one time)

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