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OG Elizabeth

Hey team,

Some of the CrossFit benchmark wods have been going for a long time. Most of the original "girl" wods are pre-2005 and people have been crushing (or being crushed by) them ever since!

Originally, whenever a "clean" was designated in a workout, it meant a full squat clean. Over time that got switched to most circumstances (i.e. Grace) allowing for a power clean.

Tuesday we'll be taking on the real - deal Elizabeth workout with squat cleans. I like this workout better as it is a more even balance between the fatigue of the cleans and the ring dips. That being said, it is almost uniformly the ring dips that die out and need to be paced to get a good time.

In this video from 2012, four of the top CrossFit Level 1 trainers of the time take on the Elizabeth workout during the lunch break of a level 1 seminar. For most people attending the seminar, this is a chance to see some great athletes move well and work hard!

There are lots of good tips in this video as well, from modifying movements, to scaling, to ring dip and squat clean technique. Take a watch and get yourself ready for tomorrow!




WARMUP: Barbell cycling

3 rounds of - 6 deadlift, 5 hang power cleans, 4 front squats. Add weight if you like but keep it light

4 inchworms with a pushup and 8 arm swings in between each round of barbell.

WOD prep warm up: build to above your wod weight in the clean and make sure to warm up your shoulders very well prior to the workout. Ring dips are hard on the shoulder joint so prep that movement!!

WOD: Squat Clean Elizabeth



Squat Cleans (95/135)

Ring dips

FG3: 75/115 and 12-9-6 of ring dips

FG2: 65/95, HR pushups

FG1: Scale bar as needed, modified pushups

CP1: 105/155, 9-6-3 of ring MU

CP2: 115/175, 12-9-6 of ring MU


4 cycles of :

Double KB Romanian deadlifts x 8-10

Ring rows or DB Rows x 8-10

Front Rack offset carry x 30 sec/side

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