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DB/KB Cleans

Here is a great video of some Double Kb Cleans with some breakdown of the movement. Notice how there is very little jarring at the top of the movement and the KBs always stay close to the athlete. Fun movement to practice for one of our EMOMs today.

Good breakdown of the DB variation however we will be doing them with only a single DB. So we will demo Dumbbell going between the legs instead of at the sides as shown in this video here.




3 Rounds

25ft low n slow bear crawl

8 Double crunch

25ft Walking lunge

8 Med ball cleans


Handstand Pushup and Toes To Bar Alternating EMOM

8 Rounds each.

Choose a maintainable number if looking to build skill.

If you want to max out your endurance, aim high in the early rounds and aim for 90% effort on each round


Double Unders and Hang Power Clean + Overhead

Use a single DB or 2 kettlebells alternating EMOM x 8 rounds each

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