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New WOD: Van Damme

Photo Credit: Tia Black

This past weekend a lot of our members represented CrossFit Vic City at the March Melee event hosted by Better with Blacker, at CrossFit Zone.

We had 10 athletes competing in the intermediate and RX division:


Mikey Dubbs






Chris VS



Matty P

For some it was their first ever CrossFit competition, for others, their first time upping their division and competing in the RX category.

The event started at Mt. Finlayson, and ended with a full on sprint of rowing, thruster and lunge combo. It was awesome seeing everyone give it their all and attack each workout.

On the podium we had Aiden placing 2nd in the intermediate category and Connor placing 2nd in the RX category.

Congratulations to all the athletes, you sure made me proud as your coach watching you all this weekend! And on behalf of Better with Blacker, thank you all for your enthusiasm and support this weekend.

Their was representation from 7 different gyms: 5 local, one up island (Ladysmith), and one from the mainland (Kitsilano). Vic city had the most members (11) competing and was great seeing everyone represent and support one another.

Coach Tia




3 rounds

10 wallballs

10-20sec Hollow Rock hold

10 Dowel pass throughs

WOD Specific Prep:

warmup all movements

*coaches choice front rack mobility drill

WOD: "Van Damme"

RX: For Time

15 snatches (95/135)

15 CTB pullups

15 clean and jerk

15 ctb pullups

15 thrusters

15 ctb pullups.

FG 3: 75/115

FG 2: 65/95, reg pullups

FG 1: scale bar as needed, jumping pullups


4 rounds not for time:

DB walking lunge x 6-8 steps per leg

Ring or DB bent over rows x 12

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