March 17, 2020


 A challenge is a chance to RISE to the occasion.  Sophie does just that in last year's Can West CrossFit Championships, crushing her first ever 15' rope climbs in the final wod! - PC:  Cam Birtwell


Well, they say that challenge creates growth... so here we are, with a challenge ahead that we need to overcome.  Thankfully we have options, and we will institute them tomorrow (Tuesday Mar 17).


To follow up on the email I sent, we will be closing the gym for classes immediately, but will be offering an online programming option plus equipment rental.  We are optimistic that these actions will carry us through this time of concern and keep us united as a community.


Each week, our online program will offer two bodyweight sessions, two weighted implement sessions, and two conditioning sessions (run, row, bike, swim).  These will be offered through Beyond the Whiteboard.  I'm excited to offer these to you guys and support them with videos, tips and wod demos.  


Our first "online" workout will be tomorrow's wod, and see below for details!


Love to you all, thank you for your support and encouragement.








WARM - UP:  ROTATING EMOM x 4 each station


10-20 hollow rocks (or tuck rocks)

3 slow tempo pushups (5 sec down, 5 sec up)

8 per side single leg glute bridge



SKILL:  Handstand Hold  6 x 15-45 seconds, rest as needed


- use a wall (careful with your kick up!) or spotter who will catch you, or do a pike off a box


- if you're a ninja, do a freestanding one, make sure your dismount area is clear





Alternating EMOM x 8 each:


minute 1:  pushup with hand raise x 3-8/side

minute 2:  pistol practice 3-8/side


BONUS:  if you have access to a pullup bar or rings, do a third minute with 2-5 strict pullups or 5-10 ring rows





Front Plank - accumulate 1, 3, or 5 minutes


Every time you break, perform 10 burpees


- scale to hands to a couch/bench if you need to :)

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