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Bars Bumpers Bodyweight Burner

Hey Team!

The day has come - we are releasing bars and plates for monthly rental! We know that some of you have the space, motivation, and skills to get a barbell moving and want to support that pursuit.

Tomorrow (Friday March 20) we will be renting out bars and pairs of plates from 9:30-10:30am and 12-1pm!

Bars will be $25 per month and a pair of plates will be $25 per month. If you would like to add a second pair of plates, it will be $40 for 2 pairs.

If you need to pick up one of our other pieces of equipment, come on by at those times too!

Don't forget the collars!! Also be sure that you have a safe place to lift. I have lifted on grass before but I don't recommend it. If you have to lift on grass, make sure it is firm, dry, and flat and that you have appropriate footwear!


NOTE: This is the last WOD that we will post on our blog, the rest of them will be posted only on BTWB, so make sure you are signed up for our online program!

Any important notes will be posted in the comments section of the BTWB wod description.

Keep after it, and tag us with #viccitystrong on instagram or Facebook!!



TRAINING FRIDAY - Watch the video for technique and tips on these skills!!

WARM UP: 4 rounds of -

1. Lunge with upper body twist x 4/leg

2. Hollow hold into arch hold (10-15 sec hold in each position). If this is too much, do reps of getting into arch/hollow and relaxing out of it.


6 rounds of 10-30 second holds, E2M

Start off with a tuck position, drawing the knees up high. If this goes well, try extending your legs into L Sit position then drawing them back. If you're a superstar, keep them out there for the full 30 sec per round.

WOD: Invisible Touch

Much like the epic song by Phil Collins, this wod will leave you dizzy, invigorated, and wanting more... Just kidding this will slay you no joke. Scale the pushups appropriately as they will be the crux of this wod.

Rx: 15 minute AMRAP of

Ascending reps of Reverse Lunge and Pushup with toe touch... PLUS 30 jumping jacks per round

Round 1: 1 reverse lunge per leg, 1 pushup + 2 toe touches, 30 jumping jacks

Round 2: 2 reverse lunge per leg, 2 x pushup + toe touch, 30 jumping jacks

And so on.

FG: Pushup from the knees, touch knees instead of toes while holding a plank position (knees off the ground)

CP: Add a weight vest

Cash-Out: Lying "T"s - 4-5 sets of 10 reps

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