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Wednesday Conditioning Challenge!

Hey gang,

If you're like me, you're looking for ways to stay active outside and enjoy this amazing weather we've been having. If you're also like me in a motivational sense, it helps to have a challenge or goal to get me moving with purpose.

This Wednesday with the help of our friend/member/master photographer Oscar Bravo, there will be a route mapped out around Mt Doug park! He will mark it at about 8:30 am, and then throughout the day, you can run/walk/hike the route and post your time on Beyond the Whiteboard!

It goes without saying that this is NOT a meetup/group activity and you will need to be aware of social distancing.

The route includes some ups and downs and heads around the park following Whitaker trail (see below). The total distance is about 4.2km, so a decent challenge for the legs and lungs!

Head counterclockwise from the black dot!

Here's a pic of the start point:

When you do the challenge, take a pic and tag @cfviccity on Instagram and use the hashtag #mtdougchallenge ... we look forward to seeing your pics and videos!

This will be a great way to share an outdoor workout with our crew and keep the motivation going.

Miss you all, hope you are staying healthy and safe!

Coach Cam

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