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Grown Up Strong

With about 200 members, there are a lot of birthdays that happen in our gym community. And while ALL of your years are important, not many of you have actually grown up alongside the growth of Vic City!

In 2013, I opened CrossFit Vic City at our first location down by Cloverdale Avenue. Heather Cameron, who I'd known for a few years prior, soon joined up to train with us. Little did we know that Georgia, her daughter, would join in too.

At 12 years of age, Georgia stepped in and started training CrossFit among the big kids. Although small in stature, she had great determination, willingness to learn, and ability to pick technique up quickly.

Georgia's CrossFit abilities got better year by year - to the point where she qualified for - and competed in - the Teen division at the Wodapalooza CrossFit Championships in Miami in 2016. This competition brought together the best athletes from Canada, the States, and beyond!

Georgia shared the warm up area with CrossFit superstars Lauren Fisher, Camille Leblanc Bazinet, Noah Olsen, Neal Maddox, and our very own Lucas Parker.

Needless to say, Georgia did extremely well - I believe 9th out of 15 or so if my memory serves me!

Soon after, Georgia fell in love with weightlifting, and has shown incredible progress and ability in that discipline also. With multiple medals at the Junior Nationals as well as competing at the Senior Nationals, Georgia shows no sign of slowing down as she takes on the world.

That being said, she can still rock the CrossFit and has been known to make cameo appearances for wods and smashing them. She also is one of our regulars at the 12 noon Zoom classes.

Tomorrow (Sunday) Georgia turns 19 years old. That marks 7 years of growth for the gym and untold growth and experience for this strong, determined, intelligent, and capable young woman.

Happy Birthday Georgia - your skills, smiles and attitude inspire us all to be better at what we do.

Coach Cam

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