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Charity Results and Track Day!

Hello all,

As you might know already, 8 Vic City Coaches slayed themselves for an hour to raise money for charity last Saturday.

Mike G, Tia, Graham, Dubs, Cam, Heather, Kirst, and Georgia all threw down to support the local charities Women in Need and the Mustard Seed.

With amazing support from the community during the live stream, and the knowledge that we were supporting two great causes, the coach crew totaled a whopping 213.3 KM!!

Here are the totals by coach and what machine they used to log the distance:

Camerons and Kirst: 98k (ski erg, treadmill, rowing machine, assault bike, rounds of Cindy)

Tia: 32.5 (Assault Bike)

Dub/Warren: 32.9 (Peloton Bike)

Graham: 15.1 (Rowing Erg)

Mike: 8.8 (Treadmill)

Cam: 30* (Bike on Zwift, internet dropped at ~40 mins in so this is a lowball estimate!)

We are still calculating the total amount of donations as some came in after the fact and some had to be adjusted!

Everyone who pledged or donated will receive an email in the next couple days about your donation and how to deliver it.

Thank you so much to everyone involved from those who donated, those who sweated, and those who cheered us on in a variety of ways!


Also, we thought it would be fun to start offering some track days as we look to transition back to regular classes at the gym. This will be a great way to get sort of together and do some exercise outside!

This week, we'll be heading to Oak Bay track to run the Wednesday conditioning session. We'll go from 530-630pm and ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!

We'll do a group warm up, then the training, and keep a good distance away the whole time.

Coach Cam will be out at the track by about 515 and will be looking to see you all there!




Complete as many rounds as possible in 6 mins of:

1 Inchworm 2 Plank Rotations 2 Spiderman Lunges 10 Cross Body Mountain Climbers 1 Inchworm


Every 1 min for 10 mins, alternating between:

Handstand Hold, 30 secs

Alternating Pistol, 30 secs


This is great practice for cycling the rounds of Cindy in the infamous wod "Murph", which we will look to do in a variety of ways this coming Monday!

For 3 cycles:

AMRAP in 5 mins of:

5 Pull-ups 10 Push-ups 15 Air Squats

Rest 3 mins between each cycle.

For each cycle restart the AMRAP.

Scale to knee pushups and table or ring rows for FG. Scale up to a weight vest 14/20 if you want to get cray.

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