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Re-Opening 2.0 - Class Schedule and Programming

Cara, Maria, and Emily on the podium at the 2019 Fraser Valley Throwdown! What champs!!

Hello all,

Quick update on the equipment return - if you are NOT planning on coming back to classes right away on June 1, you may hang onto your equipment and continue renting for the time being. If we should need extra equipment to run classes efficiently we will recall items as needed!


We’re excited to be able to offer you guys a very solid class schedule, with a few tweaks. We have decided to keep a half hour gap between classes to allow for extra cleaning and to make sure that there is no contact between a departing class and the next arriving class.

All classes will be full 60 minute sessions, which will include time for you to disinfect your own equipment and station.

Classes will be capped at 10 people and you will have to register in advance via the Push Press Portal App. More details on this soon.

Here is what it will look like Monday to Friday

6am, 730am, 930am, 12 noon (Tuesdays and Thursdays this will be a Lifestyles class), 4pm, 530pm, 7pm


730am (Lifestyles/Bootcamp), 9am, 1030am

Sunday!!! Yes Sunday!!!

830am, 9am - both of these classes are for Unlimited Members only


To accommodate more members through the week, we will be returning to our legendary 3-day program. This program revolves around the same wod being programmed over consecutive days (M-T, W-Th, Fri-Sa). This means that you will choose to attend ONE of the paired days.

With this system, we have a capacity each weekday of 70 members, so up to 140 members can attend over a two day period, which is a good proportion of our membership total.

We will not be able to offer open gym or any specialty classes (gymnastics, weightlifting) in this initial period of re-opening. However you can contact your coach about setting up additional personal training sessions either in person or via Zoom.


We are going to start rebuilding your strength as a first priority. Most of you will have had a drop in maximum strength due to having limited weight available. We will be doing this slowly and with an extra eye towards technique as it will have been some time since we last did heavy strength training.

We are also looking forward to offering some great classic crossfit conditioning workouts, although sadly without the use of rowing ergs and assault bikes!

Our next update will focus on what to expect when you return to the gym in terms of class flow, floor layout, and equipment logistics.

Stay strong team!


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