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Memorial Day Murph

Scott H is no stranger to the Murph wod... he has even been known to do double Murph... (PC: Oscar Bravo)

Hello team, we are now 1 WEEK AWAY from re-opening!! So exciting, it will be great to be back.

On another note, Memorial Day brings around the classic wod MURPH in the CrossFit world. Tens of thousands of people worldwide will participate in some form of the workout on the same day.

This is a pretty special occasion and one of the few times outside of the CrossFit Open that so many of us do the exact same workout.

Murph of course is more than a workout. It is, like all CrossFit HERO Wods, a tribute to both Lt. Michael Murphy as well as the countless front line personnel that guard our safety and our freedoms day after day.

Perhaps it is no better time to participate in an event like this. Our essential workers have been frontline for us for over 8 weeks and will continue to do so long after this pandemic is over.

So tomorrow, look to join in this tribute to Lt Murphy and all of the people that put themselves in front of us. It doesn't matter too much what variant you do - just do it with quality, high effort, and humility.





4 rounds for quality of: 4 Samson Lunges 4 Arm Circles 20 Jumping Jacks


In the zoom classes we will run Half Murph primarily as it will allow us to get the workout done in the hour. If you would like to take on the full Murph wod, please do so but you may end up alone for the last bit!!

Half Murph

800m run, 50 pullups, 100 pushups, 150 squats, 800m run

Do this as 10 rounds of 5/10/15. Officially the sub for the 800 run would be 250 jumping jacks, so I would look to run if you can!

Scale to pushups from the knees and modify the pullups to any row variant that you've been using. If doing KB Bent over rows, do 5/arm

Partner Murph

There are lots of variations on Partner Murph. The one listed below is the nicest one as it allows for rest!

Alternate 400m runs with your partner until you have done 1600m as a team

Alternate rounds of Cindy until you have done 20 total as a team

Alternate 400m runs with your partner until you have done 1600m as a team

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