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Washrooms, Equipment, Class Registration!

Hey Team!

Things are really starting to shape up in the gym. Coach Cam has shot another video discussing cleaning protocols for you guys and that should be published by the weekend.

We are also taking a look at amending our washroom policy as it appears that most businesses are opening up those facilities. .. and we truly understand how our chosen activity requires the washroom!! Stay tuned on that.

Equipment returns can be brought in Thursday May 28 between 9am and 12 noon. Saturday morning also between 9am and noon. Sunday is TBA but please don't wait until the last minute to return, we need to get everything prepped prior to opening on Monday!

Lastly, we will publish a video very soon about how to reserve classes. YOU MUST RESERVE AHEAD OF TIME to secure a spot, although registration will be open right up until class starts.

If you have the member portal app on your phone, just click in through there to get into classes (use your push press email and password). We should have enough capacity for everyone although perhaps not at your "regular" time slot. Please be prepared to train earlier or later than you usually do in this period of restriction!

Thursday May 28th7am-



Friday May 29th



Saturday May 30th

9:00am Barbell skill-

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