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Bullet Points and Cleaning Video!

Hey all, you've probably read enough emails in the last few weeks about Covid so I'm going to keep it short. Here are some bullet points that cover a lot of bases and a video of how you guys can clean your hands and equipment when in the gym for classes!


1. Sign up online in advance! Use the Push Press Member Portal app (in any app store appropriate for your device). It is a little blue and white shoe icon. Log in with your Push Press email and password!

2. You may book a week (maximum) in advance to secure the classes you'd like to train in

3. No shows count against your weekly total for 2 and 3 day members. Unlimited members get a warning then will incur a drop in charge after that. We want as many of you able to come as possible!


1. Line up outside on the black tape lines (there are 10 of them)

2. Confirm with your coach (also outside) that you have no symptoms before entering

3. Sanitize your hands by using the sanitizer right inside the door

4. Go to your assigned grid, bring all of your stuff with you (the first time you come in you may go get things from your cubbies but after that cubbies are off limits)

5. Train hard, have fun! It will be great to be back :)


See video


1. Will be open, just sanitize with spray any surfaces you touch then wash hands as you leave!


1. Due to the grid layout, you will use the pullup bar attached to your grid (i.e. you don't get to choose). This will make you physically and mentally stronger

2. Equipment will be pre-loaded in your grid.

3. Log your scores on Beyond the Whiteboard as we won't be using a physical whiteboard in the gym.

4. We have skipping ropes, wrist wraps, and supplements available for purchase. Let your coach know if you would like any of these and we will deliver to your grid at the end of class, cleaned and ready to rock.


Fresh off some killer 800m efforts on Wednesday, we're going to switch it up a bit!

Option 1: Base Aerobic

The goal for this session is to move at a relatively easy effort (6-7/10). You can also smash yourself but that isn't the point and won't help you develop the base aerobic system as well as you could if you went a bit easier.

Run or Row or Bike 2 min, walk 30 sec x 10-16 reps (30-40 mins). Each run you do should be at the same pace.

Option 2: Benchmark Run/Row/Bike

Map out a route (3-5k for run or Row, 10-20k for Bike) and do a time trial at your best effort! Doing a lap of Swan Lake or Rithet's bog (both about 3 k) are good options and then any easy to map route on the Goose/Lochside trail on your bike!

Work hard, stay focused, have fun!

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