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Day 2!

Hello team,

What an amazing experience to have you back in the gym training with us. It just goes to show that there isn't anything that can truly replace coming into the same space, working together, and getting a good wod done.

Thank you for also adhering to our policies and helping to keep everything safe as we practice our socially distanced workouts. I feel like it's gone pretty smoothly!

We'll continue to be diligent with all the extra cleaning until we hear differently from our health authorities.

Now many of you are likely sore... And many also may be VERY sore. This is simply the result of your body not being accustomed to the stress of CrossFit training, and it will take a bit of time to adjust for sure.

Don't be afraid to take a rest day or two and move lightly between workouts. If the past two months is any indication, we're not going anywhere!

As we move to practice deadlifts, be sure to adhere to the tempo and your coaches' advice. Stay light and focus on form and it will pay off down the road!

Keep fit and have fun




WARM UP: 3 rounds of

10 double leg glute bridge

10 plank T rotations (5/side)

10 plate halos (5/direction, slow)


These deadlifts are quite different. Not only will you have a slow tempo as you lower the barbell, you'll also be letting go of the barbell at the bottom of each rep, standing up, and re-setting. This means that doing each set is essentially a series of well executed single reps.

This will be a lot harder than a regular deadlift and you'll have to be extra vigilant in setting up properly for each rep.

4 x 5 reps @ 5 second lower, full re-set on the ground


We have a unique double workout sequence for you that will be done for total time, with a 3 minute rest in between the two components.

Scale as needed to keep movements smooth!

For time:

4 rounds of -

12 plate step ups (15/25, 5 per leg @ 20/24)

6 burpees

Rest 3 min

4 rounds of -

12 V Situps

12 pistols alternating legs

scale step up weight as needed, V sits can be changed out for double crunch or regular situps, pistols can be scaled to box

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