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Sunday Smash

Well... not really a "smash" just yet as we're just easing in but the name had nice alliteration :)

We have two Sunday morning classes - 8 to 9am and 930 to 1030am for our Unlimited members... and these will bring some good intensity while still being well coordinated with our weekly class wods.

If you're not used to training in the morning, be sure to wake up a bit earlier and get moving for a while before coming into the gym. With the restrictions that are currently in place, it's a bit tougher to get a full warm up in prior to class so do some at home!

Tomorrow's training features the floor press - done Old School without a rack (i.e. the original bench press). It actually works pretty well and gives you a bit of practice in glute bridging also... check out the video for more!

See you tomorrow gang,

Coach Cam



WARM UP: 5 min amrap

2 rounds of:

5 arm circles fwds + backwards

Glute march on ground 6/side

then amrap of:

10 plate ground to overheads (light and easy)

10 plate bent over rows

10 lunges


Alternate E90s between (for 5 rounds each):

a. Floor Press 8 reps

b. Barbell row 8 reps

Depending on your strengths, you may have the same or very different weights for these two movements! Feel free to build as you go.


7 min AMRAP of ascending reps! Just long enough to get real SPICY but short enough to keep the pace up a bit!

1 power clean, 1 burpee box jump then 2 of each, then 3 of each and so on.

This will get nasty pretty quick so do the power cleans as single reps with a drop if you have more than 15's on the bar!

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