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Rogue Invitational

Hey all,

Great work on that midweek grind... that was NOT an easy one by any stretch. We saw a lot of good scaling options to keep things moving and the snatches overall were pretty strong! So kudos to you guys on that.

This weekend, the Rogue Invitational international competition is running. It is essentially one of the top 3 competitions of the year (the other ones being the CrossFit Games itself and the Dubai CrossFit Championships). Top athletes from all over the globe are set to participate on Saturday and Sunday.

The format this year is understandably different though due to Covid-19. The athletes will be participating simultaneously in a livestream format from gyms in their home countries! This means that some will be competing overnight, early morning, or afternoon/evening!

This is a pretty unique format obviously and should be exciting to watch with live scoring and (hopefully) multiple people in each screen competing at the same time. For us on PST, events run from 7am to about 1:30pm on both days, so you can tune into and click through to the competition to watch.

There will be three events on both days, from classic crossfit couplets to a max clean and jerk ladder.

I will be heading up to Nanaimo to judge Pat Vellner for the weekend, which should be a great task (with great responsibility!). I am looking forward to helping this event run smoothly so that the athletes can still have an excellent competition while being physically distanced.

Tune in if you get the chance to get a much needed dose of actual crossfit competition!

Coach Cam




8 plate floor to overhead

8 plank plate taps

8 cossack squats (4/side)

8 vertical hops


6 X 3 reps, E2:30

5 - 2 - X (5 second lower, 2 second pause, fast up with chest up)

WOD: KB accessory

Alternate sides every 3 minutes until you have done 4 rounds per side!

24 minutes total

With a single Kb:

5 strict press

6 reverse lunge with KB overhead or front rack

7 single arm KB rows

8 single leg romanian deadlift

9 KB side bends

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