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A Taste of the Invitational

Hey all,

There were some great wods in last weekend's Rogue Invitational. You'll see some of them pop into our programming over the coming weeks so that you can get a little taste of what it would have been like to participate in that epic event!

As always, scale appropriately and ease in, this is only the end of week 3!




WARM UP: 2 rounds

10 alternating glute march on floor

10 double crunch

10 plate floor to overhead

10 plate bent over rows

STRENGTH: Alternating E2M:

Back Squat 6-4-4-6

Bent Over Barbell Row 8-8-8-8

Alternate E2M between the two exercises. Keep the barbell rows on the lighter side and move slowly with control. Back squats second set of 4 should be heavier than the first and second set of 6 should be heavier than the first 6.

WOD: Rogue Invitational WOD 3 Jr

For time: 240 Double Unders -- then -- 2 rounds of: 30 Toes-to-bars 30 Box Step-ups

Sub in 240 single unders for doubles OR do jumping jacks - 120 reps.

Hanging knee raise sub for ttb

CASHOUT (if time):

Run : 4x 400 m at 60%, rest 1:30

Start and end outside the gym! Keep your distance on the runs

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