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DT and a Run

PC: Oscar Bravo

Today we have some back squats and a DT complex. When you are doing your DT complex I would suggest since it is a rather grip intensive complex to start lighter and work your way up to a challenging weight. Be mindful of your reps and limiting yourself from doing any extra work or reps.

We will finish the day with some runs. Please be mindful of running with a larger class and do your best to keep your distance from one another on the sidewalk and be mindful of traffic. If that means you slow yourself down a bit, DO IT.

Be safe and have fun everyone, see you in the gym!

Coach G.




3 rounds

2 inchworms with 5 sec hold at furthest reach

10 Hanging knee raises

5/5 cossack squats


Back squats x2 reps EMOM x 10mins

Effort 6-7/10. Come up quick and perfect form!


5 rounds of DT with 2:30mins Rest between each round.

1 round of DT is:

12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, 6 Shoulder to Overhead

Bulls each round or keep same weight for all sets. RX weight for DT is (155/105)


For time, rest 90sec between each (60% effort)

800m run

600m run

400m run

200m run

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