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Monday Get It


We've got another great start to the week ... with a couple of movements we haven't done too much of in recent times.

The db hang clean and jerk first appeared in the crossfit open a few years back and is a pretty fun movement that is a nice variation on the barbell option. Since it is a one handed exercise, you have to have more control over the weight as it goes up and over.

We're also going to take on some burpee pullups, which is a fun combo movement that puts the body through a pretty huge range of motion... just ask Greg Amundson who was famous for "enjoying" the workout GI Jane (100 burpee pullups for time):

So come on in, get some back squats and some fast paced intervals to start off your week!

See you soon




WARM UP - 5 min amrap

10 russian kbs

15 plank with kb tap

1 turkish get up


6 X 3 with a full 1 second pause in the bottom of the squat! Start moderate and build a small amount.


5 rounds, each round for time, of:

16 Alternating Pistols

24 Single Dumbbell Hang Clean & Jerks (30-35/40-50)

8/6 Burpee Pull-ups

Rest 2 mins between each round.

Sub KBS for db hang clean and jerks if not enough DB's. Scale pistols to a box and sub 8/6 regular burpees for burpee pull ups if needed.

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