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COVID 19 Procedures Reminder

Hey all,

As we continue to navigate the Covid restrictions, I figured we all needed a reminder of what we should (and shouldn't be doing) around classes at Vic City.

I feel like there has been a subtle "easing off" all around town in terms of people's strictness about these protocols and I am certainly a bit guilty in that too.

So here is a reiteration of what our guidelines are, specifically around coming into the building, moving around during class, and cleaning up after the workout.

Entering the building:

Please wait until the coach indicates that you are allowed to come into the building. Usually this will be at 10 minutes prior to class time, before which you should line up outside or otherwise be socially distanced.

The line up and entrance protocol allows us to comply with standards regarding checking in with each member and also making sure that we are helping to enforce distancing.

During class time:

Please aim to limit your movement around the room before and during class time. Take your gear to your grid and remain there as much as possible.

Please still refrain from fist bumps (yes I am guilty here) post class.

Clean up:

I think we're doing this really well actually. You are all pretty vigilant about spraying things down and giving your equipment a good wipe after. Just be sur to take your used towel to the bin on your way out.

Thanks for persevering with these details gang. I'm hoping that at some point there will be some easing of restrictions however until then we need to stay focused on doing the small things to keep it all together!

See you soon,




WARM UP: 3 rounds

3 cossack squats per side

6 arm circles

9 arch rock lifts

12 quarter effort vertical hops!

For the following workouts, half of the class will do WOD1 first while the other half does WOD2. After cleaning, the groups will switch!

WOD1 (barbell cycling)

Every 2 mins for 10 mins: Power Clean

5 Power Cleans, 60% 1RM (or lighter)

The goal is to move well and quickly with a lighter barbell. If you are smooth with it, you can add a bit of weight as you go but the primary focus is the accuracy and crispness of your reps!


In 10 mins do:

Row, 1000/750 m

then in the remaining time,

AMRAP of: 10/7 Pull-ups 7 Burpees 7 Kettlebell Swings

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