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Barbell Cardio

Kim getting her reps in! PC: Oscar Bravo

Hey team,

We've got some tough but fun intervals to start off the week! You all know how much moving a barbell can get your heart pumping - there's nothing like adding a decent external load and moving it a long distance to challenge your body.

The essence of CrossFit at one time was essentially that - moving large loads long distances to get the best metabolic effect. Now there are some other facets and tweaks to the philosophy but that initial statement still holds true.

Monday and Tuesday we will be tackling a series of barbell movements in what should be fast paced intervals. You will have 2 minutes of recovery time so be sure to push the pace when you are working!

Weight wise, choose a load that approximates 8-85% effort (for the designated reps) on most of the exercises (deadlifts will likely feel a bit easier than the rest). This is definitely not an "easy" weight and will keep you moving purposefully and with control.

Good luck and have fun!





3 rounds

6 per side of spiderman lunge with twist

6 per leg airplanes

6 plate squats

12 plate Russian Twists


5 rounds for total time, of:

3 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls, 115/75 lbs

5 Thrusters

7 Floor Press

9 Deadlifts

Rest 2 mins between each round.

Scale up to 85-105/135-155

Scale down as needed


Run : 4x 400 m at 70%, rest 1:30

Each for time: Run: 4x 400 m Perform at 70% effort / RPE 13.

Can sub in rowing (500m segments)

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