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Grace Plus

Kyle O getting after it! PC: Oscar Bravo

Hey all,

I hope your legs and shoulders have recovered from those sprint intervals of back squats and shoulder to overhead from Friday. That was a great wod to watch and I have to say that most of you held up very well technically under fatigue!

There was a lot of toughness on display too, especially on that second set of back squats when you had to grind out the 15 even when the first 5 felt pretty tough.

We're switching gears now to a tough workout of a different type. This will be the longest workout we've had so far, and you can take it a couple of different ways.

The workout is essentially "Grace" (30 clean and jerks) followed by an AMRAP of rowing and thrusters. The idea behind this is to challenge yourself with the weight on the first part (Grace) then work to sustain some intensity in the remaining time of the AMRAP.

This will mean pacing out the Grace portion with single reps of clean and jerk, then hopefully getting the thrusters in the AMRAP in 1-2 sets (there are 7 reps per round).

The other way to take this workout is to drop the weight and spin off Grace relatively unbroken. This will net you a lot of time for the AMRAP and the bar will be lighter for the rowing-thruster combo, meaning lots of breathing and lots of rounds!

Either way you attack it, be ready for a challenge as 20 minutes is a tough time domain. Hydrate well today and tomorrow, and come in ready to go mentally.

See you on the other side!




WARM UP: with an empty bar:

3 rounds

10 deadlifts, 8 hang power cleans, 6 front squats, 4 presses, 2 samson lunges or stretch of your choice.



30 clean and jerks (75/115) - Buy In

Then in the remaining time:

AMRAP of: 300/250m row and 7 thrusters (75/115)

Scale bar weight down to 65/95 (FG2) or as needed in FG1.

Scale bar weight up to 95/135 (CP1) or 115/165 (CP2)

CASH - OUT: 4 rounds for quality of:

T rotation planks - 5/side

Double crunch or V ups - 10 reps

KB Side bends - 10 per side

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