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Tuesday KB Blast

Hey all, it's Tuesday and this week we have a different wod than the holiday Monday one. This sequence is all about the kettlebell, and hanging onto it for 15 minutes or so!

Should be a pretty tough combo, have fun!





Jog 400m or Row 500m

Then -

3 rounds of

10 air squats

10 T rotation planks

10 Back roll to straddle stretch


Complete as many rounds as possible in 18 mins of:

8 Strict Kettlebell Press (1 Kb)s, 35/53 lbs

14 1 Arm Kb Bent Over Rows

14 Kettlebell Goblet Reverse Lunges

16 American Kettlebell Swings

Reps are TOTAL reps for each movement (i.e. 8 strict presses = 4/arm).

FG2: 26/44 OR do STO instead of strict press for the first movement

FG1: Scale KB as needed

CP: Scale up to 44/70

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