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Last Days of Supplement Sale and Diane

REMINDER that our Supplement sale ends this weekend!

Buy any one Supplement and get any other Supplement HALF OFF. Talk to your coach to get you started on something new today!

To finish this weeks training we have DIANE, a classic Crossfit WOD.

Scale your deadlifts to be challenging but with perfect form!

If you don't have handstand pushups yet, we have lots of scaling options available for you.

Talk to your coach and find an option to challenge you and build your handstand skills.

Have fun and see you all in the gym.

Coach G.



WARMUP: 3 rounds through:

Barbell sequence

5 deadlifts, 5 front squats, 5 sto

5 per side Lying thoracic rotations after each round.



Deadlift (155/225)

Handstand Pushups

For our scaling options, we're going to do something a bit different than we do normally with Diane. We usually do scaled ROM hspu but we don't have the equipment to do that right now. Below you'll find options to get the same stimulus but with slightly different movements.

FG2: 105-125/155-185, double kb or db shoulder to overhead (20-35/35-44)

FG1: Scale bar weight as needed, db or barbell STO scaled as needed

Diesel: 185/275, double kb sto @ 35/53


This is a rotating Tabata through three movements. Tabata intervals are 20 sec work, 10 sec rest. Switch exercises each interval and do 6 intervals each. Add a weight vest if you want to up the ante!

Double unders

Air squat

HR pushups

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