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A Big Day

Hey all,

Monday-Tuesday brings you the opportunity to challenge yourself with a solid dose of high intensity. We've been doing a bit more volume in terms of lengths of workouts over the past month, and now it's time to throw down with multiple high intensity efforts.

You're getting into a lot of different movements with the 5 parts of the workout. With rest, the work pieces are meant to be executed as fast as possible, so set your scaling to move quickly and consistently on all elements.

The 1000m row in the middle has a separate score in BTWB, but beware of pursuing a full on PR unless you're confident you can recover in the three minutes leading into your next Cindy effort.

The whole workout also has a combined time score, which includes your rest periods, so be sure to watch the clock as you finish each piece.

The workout is capped off by the bear complex. I've included a video below about it as you can perform it in several different ways. Basically doing it as reps of a squat clean thruster into a back squat thruster is the most efficient.

Good luck and have fun!





3 rounds of: 15 glute bridge, 5 pushups, 2 samson stretch

Then into specific warm up for the wod!


*40 min time cap*

Move quickly, full gas on all parts with a bit of caution on the 1000m row! Your overall time to complete all the elements plus the rest periods is your score. The 1k row also has a separate score in BTWB.


For time:

10 Bear Complexes, 115/75 lbs (one rep of bear complex is a squat clean thruster + a back squat thruster)

Rest 3 mins

5 Rounds of Cindy

Rest 3 mins

Row, 1000 m

Rest 3 mins

5 Rounds of Cindy

Rest 3 mins

10 Bear Complexes, 115/75 lbs

FG2: bar weight 55-65/75-95

FG1: bar weight scaled as needed, 750m row, 3-5 rounds of modified Cindy

CP1: 95/135, CTB Cindy

CP2: 115/175, weight vest CTB Cindy

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