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Labour Day Weekend

Photo Credit: Oscar Bravo

Happy Labour Day and Long Weekend!

Its going to be a hot one for us here on the island so remember to stay hydrated and enjoy the last days of Summer!

Monday we will have holiday class hours so that means ONLY 3 classes:




Have a great long weekend and enjoy the Sun!




3 rounds

2 inchworms with 5 sec hold at bottom reach

4 Samson Lunge (2R/2L)

8 double crunch

16 Jumping jacks


Split Jerk

5x2 reps Every 2 mins

Starting weight should be moderate to heavy and then build with small jumps through working sets. Bar taken from Rack.

WOD "Ground n Pound"

For Time

10 Rounds


4 Deadlifts (225/155)

12/8 Pushups on Barbell

200m Run

FG2: 105-125/155-185

FG1: 75-95/115-135, scaled pushups

CP1: 175/265, 8/6 reps HSPU per round

CP2: 195/295, 8/6 deficit Kip HSPU per round

Diesel: 205/315, 12 Double KB Shoulder to OH (35/53)

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