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2021 Mens Open Winner Jeff Adler

It's been a bit of a breakout year for Canadians in the Open. We've had lots of strong competitors in the past but haven't been as frequent at the top of the leaderboard as we are currently... which is a good sign of things to come!

This year in particular, Jeffrey Adler from Montreal's CrossFit Wonderland, led the way and ended up 1st overall in the Open. That means he was the absolute best in terms of combined scores from 21.1 thru 21.4 out of every single crossfit male athlete in the world... and that is saying something!

He didn't come out of nowhere though - he had a very strong finish in 2020 also (5th place) and a great 2019 (26th). But it seems to get exponentially tougher to make those last few places happen.

As one of the 5 men who made it to Aromas for the CrossFit Games last year, I'm sure he is eyeing the opportunity to repeat that accomplishment. He (and all the rest of the athletes still standing) have to make it through the Semifinals next.

The CrossFit Games did a short highlight video of Adler's Open performance, shown below. Take a peek at this guy as he for sure will be one to watch through the rest of this Games season!




WARM UP: 3 rounds

10 plate floor to overheads

16 glute bridge marches

8 plank t rotations (slow, with a good reach, 4/side)

SKILL: Deadlift Wave Load (Week 3)

5-3-1-5-3-1-5, E2 - E3M (for the last sets)

First wave - 6-7/10 effort. Last 3-1-5, 8-9/10 effort

Look back at your wave load weights from two weeks ago and try to bump up a bit. This set has an extra set of 5 tacked onto the end, so still do your first wave conservatively.


3 rounds for time of:

Run, 400 m

20 Single Arm Dumbbell Shoulder-to-Overheads, 50/35 lbs

10 Burpees

Sub in row 500m or Bike 1200m for the 400m runs

FG3: 25/40

FG2: 15/25-30

FG1: 200m runs, scale weight as needed, 5 burpees


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