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21.1 Scores are Due!

Mat gets the award for best team uni in the first week! Go Cam's Commandos!!!


What a unique (and definitely challenging) workout 21.1 turned out to be! No one saw that coming for sure, but it was a toughie and a new experience for all of us. Great work across the board, with all of you either getting inverted on the wall or doing bear crawls until the shoulders were cooked.

If you're thinking about registering for the official Open, you can still do so up until Monday night at 5pm. Since we're doing the workouts already, why not? Just head over to and get your name in the hat!

For our intramural open, I sent out an email on Saturday to submit scores for your team. There was a link to a doc in there giving the team rosters as well, so check your email/spam/junk and get your scores in, ALSO by Monday 5pm. Remember that scaled, Rx, masters, and rookie scores all matter and can all contribute to your team!

Also, don't forget to rep your team's colors when you show up to do the Open! Mat got it right, going "all in" with the green for my team "Cam's Commandos" so the standard has been set!

With the next two regular Open workouts yet to come, stay focused, recover well, and get after it. If your body is a bit sore in certain areas (upper back and traps anyone??) then avoid those areas or just go lighter on movements that affect them.

Great work in week 1 team, onwards and upwards!




There will be relatively quick transitions between components in this workout, so be ready to start with loads that are a bit lighter than usual and build up as you go. You can also practice the components of the next exercises so that you're ready when they come around!

WARM UP: 5 sets of: 2 pushups, 4 double crunch, 6 reverse lunges

then right into specific warm up for snatch

SKILL 1: SNATCH 4-4-3-3-2-2 E2M

Build as you go, full or power - focus on excellent technique!


2 Reps every minute on the minute for 10 minutes at around 65% of max. This may be more or less, depending on your strength level and endurance! Take the bar from the rack


Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 mins of:

12/8 Row / Bike Calories

6 Burpee Box Jumps

10 Pull-ups

Choose bike or row, bikes will be outside, rowers inside.

FG3: scale to 5 pullups

FG2: Jumping pullups, burpee box step ups

FG1: regular burpees

CP1: CTB pullups (2 sets max)

CP2: Bar or Ring MU x 3/6


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