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6 Day Program is Coming Back!

Time to get back to planning on the whiteboard... Photo - Oscar Bravo

Hey Team,

As we move forwards with the gym, we are constantly looking for ways to build on the services we offer. One of those areas pre-COVID was to expand the programming to include a full 6 days of wods each week (Monday to Saturday). With COVID restrictions, we moved back to our original tried and true 3 day program and have held that until now. Later this month, we will be heading back into the deep end again and re-introducing a full 6 days of WODs to our community!

The main benefit of moving to more wods per week is that it will enable us to expose you all to a wider range of movements, workout styles, and types of training. I have no doubt that this combination will create a training environment in which you will be able to advance your fitness, skills, and overall health even faster than our current program.

Now I know that not everyone likes change, but rest assured that I would not be making this shift unless I believed it was the right thing to do for our community and you as individual athletes. I've programmed Crossfit workouts since 2008, and by a rough estimate, I've created over 7000 wods between our regular affiliate programming and our previous competition program. I also know who YOU are - I see people's scores and witness in person your abilities and limitations. So know that you are in good hands and that I am actually excited to construct many incredible weeks of training going forwards.

In an era in CrossFit in which programming is increasingly farmed out by affiliates to companies who don't know you or your needs, it gives me a sense of pride to keep our workouts "in house"... it's a small thing maybe, but at least you know who to complain to when a WOD pops up that you don't particularly like!

We're going to make this shift towards the end of the month - at the moment I have the week of Aug 28-Sep 3 as the "soft launch" of the program, although this may change to right after Labour Day. We need to wait on this until our coach travel and commitments settle down at the tail end of the summer... so I hope that you'll be as patient as possible before this exciting development takes place! We'll also be releasing some new classes into the schedule to ensure that you can get in as much as possible to take on the wods. Stay tuned for those adjustments as we progress through this month.

All the best and see ya soon!




WARM UP: Partner shuttle runs 1-2-3-4 laps. Other partner cycles through 2 samson lunge, 4 air squat, 2 cobra-childs pose


*Rest as directed by coach between wods! likely in the range of about 5-7 min)

This is a partner workout, in which you share work with your partner, with one of you working while the other is resting. You can pair up with someone at a different scaling level, and you don't have to do the same reps as each other! Use your strengths to help out your team.

Take a look at the reps for each part of the workout and decide what the best level is for you and your partner for each one. Good luck and have fun!

Part 1: For time: 80 Pull-ups

tech notes

Partners! Switch when you need to

FG3: 60 reps

FG2: banded or jumping

FG1: ring row


CP2: Ring MU x 40

Part 2: For time: 120 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs

tech notes

With a partner, split reps as needed!

FG3: 90 reps

FG2: scale wallball weight / reps

FG1: 80 reps

CP1: 200 reps!

Part 3: For time: 160 Assault Bike (Calories)

tech notes

Partner wod, switch as needed - 30 sec recommended

MM pairs - 160

FM pairs - 145

FF pairs - 130


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