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Back Squat Cycle - Record Your Weights!

Hey Team!

We're starting up a new cycle of training and Back Squats are going to feature regularly in our programming. We'll be doing an 8 week cycle, in which we repeat set and rep patterns. In order for you to get the most out of this phase, you'll want to record your weights (as you should already be doing!) so that you can improve upon them as we work through!

Ideally, you would enter in your numbers in beyond the whiteboard, which is free for all members. If you prefer to record another way, then feel free to do so... just make sure those numbers are easily accessible so you can reference them as we move forwards.

As with any block of training, the goal should be to build momentum as you go. So focus on excellent technique early on, be patient, and when the time comes to amp up the intensity in the second half of this phase, you'll be well prepared to do so.

I look forward to seeing the numbers you all can put up, and the back squat can really help boost your olympic weightlifting poundage too... so we'll look to capitalize on that in our next phase.

Keep fit and have fun,




WARM UP: 5 MIN flow

cobra-childs pose x 4

spiderman twists x 2/side

pole squats x 6


Back Squat 4x5 at 70% 1RM Rest 2 mins between sets.

tech notes

Warm up well and aim to have a small build over the sets. Track your weights as we will be doing back squats weekly for the next 6-7 weeks


For time:

50 Push Press, 75/55 lbs

25 Pull-ups

50 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls

25 Pull-ups

50 Push Press

tech notes

Pace it out but be efficient... quick sets of reps on the push press, sensible sets on the pullups. Barbell is meant to be lighter but don't go so light that the movements are unbroken!

Time cap: 16 min

FG2: 55-65/35-45, jumping pullups or banded pullups

FG1: bar only, ring rows

CP1: 95/65, CTB

CP2: 115/75, 15 Bar MU sub for pullups


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