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Back Squat Week 2 - Rest between sets

Recovering after "Murph".... which is totally different to our rest between back squat sets! - PC: Oscar Bravo

Hey team,

Great work in Week 1 of our strength block. This week we are dropping the reps on the Back Squats to sets of 3. If you don't know your percents for back squat, then just take your weight from last week's sets of 5 and bump up a small amount across the board (5-15lb heavier on each set should be good).

You should aim to reach an 8-9/10 effort level on the last two sets, with the previous sets being no easier than a 6-7/10. If the earlier sets are too light, then you won't get a strength stimulus from them. You need to spend time at moderately heavy weights (70%+) to gain strength at a reasonable rate, so if only your last two sets are at that intensity, you won't be getting as much out of the session as you could.

You'll also notice that for many of these sessions, the rest is extended up to an E2:30 time frame. This means that you should have at least 2 minutes of recovery between sets. This rest time is important so that your muscles and nervous system can recover and perform on the next (potentially heavier) set.

In between your sets, you can use the time to do some dynamic mobility to improve your squat position, or simply change your weights, rest, and chat with your buddies across the rig.

Although by "CrossFit" standards it may seem like a long time between sets, you will actually truly need this time if you are pushing the right amount of weight on your bar.

So good luck, lift well, and get strong!





3 rounds: Squat to high reach x 3/side + 6 glute march per side.


3 rounds: 8 barbell back squats, 8 barbell good mornings (can increase load as you go)


E2:30, same weight for first two sets, then increase for next two then increase again. Approx percentage for last two sets: 85-90


Emoms are great for setting good quality movement inside of a format that isn't meant to be maximally taxing. Because you get a bit of rest between stations, you can keep your movement quality high while still working on skills with a baseline of fatigue. Choose reps and difficulty that allow you to be at a consistently 8/10 effort level.

Every 1 min for 20 mins, alternating between:

14/9 Row Calories

7 Strict Press, 115/65 lbs

8 Lateral Burpee Over Bars

5 Strict Pull-ups

Scale and adjust reps/difficulty to your own specific level. If you want to push it a bit, choose reps on the row and burpees that take you 40 seconds or so.

If you're a stronger rower, bump up the cals by 4-6. If you're good at the burpees, you may go as high as 16 a round!


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