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Barbell Metcon

Coach Megatron doing Megatron things...

Hey team!

I had a "wonderful" long running wod set up for Friday Saturday but given the smoky skies have decided to postpone it... So those of you who love running will be disappointed while the other 90% will be happy!

The workout today is about pushing your strength but knowing your limits. Choose a weight that is limited by your thruster and front squat ability (most likely the thruster will be the toughest but the reps on the squat will add up). This will allow you to move through the other movements pretty well.

Although it doesn't look like too much work, keep in mind the reps are done in EMOM format, so every minute you'll be moving until the 2 min rest between rounds.

Workout formats like this are great for getting you used to moving heavier weights than you normally do in metcons. By providign a bit of rest between movements and at the end, you can accustom your body to those higher poundages without too much risk.

Have fun and lift heavy!



Friday - Saturday

WARM UP: 3 rounds

6 x T Rotation Planks

6 x Cat Camel

6 x Squat to Reach

Coaches choice of shoulder / front rack stretch


Every minute on the minute, rotate through the following exercises. At the end of the fourth minute, take a 2 minute recovery. You can increase or decrease weight if things are too easy or too hard!

  1. 3 x Thruster (95/135 - same weight for all movements)

  2. 5 x Power Clean

  3. 7 x Front Squat

  4. 9 x Deadlift

  5. 2 minute rest

FG3: 75/115

FG2: 55-65/75-95

FG1: scale bar as needed

CP1: 105/155

CP2: 125/185


20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8 rounds!

Score is the fewest reps you attain in any one round :)


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