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Bench Press Tips!


You're going to notice a trend each week as we go through the next 6 weeks or so... and that is we're hitting Back Squats on Mondays, Bench Press on Wednesdays, and power cleans (and clean variants) on Fridays. This is a bit more of a structured training block that is designed to build strength in these three key movements that should transfer well to other elements of CrossFit performance.

The bench Press is a "love-hate" exercise... if you're good at it, you probably love it, if you're not so good, it may be the worst! Either way, you are likely missing out on some key points of performance that can enhance your training and overall strength in this lift. The video below gives some good tips for performance that can help you get the most out of your training sessions as well as a 1rm effort which we'll test at the end of this cycle! Take a peek and see if you can put any of the tips into action.





6 dowel dislocates

8 barbell shoulder press

10 barbell bent over rows

12 reverse lunges

Note: In bigger classes, half of you will start on the bench press, the other half on the second skill, then switch! If you are in a "bubble" with another member, you can share benches.


Bench Press 10-8-6-5-5

Build to a tough but manageable heavy 5. The 10-8-6 should be moderate, don't burn out too early!

Rest 2 mins between sets.

SKILL 2: Double unders and Kettlebell EMOM

Alternate every minute on the minute for 5 sets each of:

Minute 1: 30 sec double unders

Minute 2: 10-15 kettlebell swings OR single arm KB snatches


Assault Bike Intervals:

8 intervals of 30 sec Hard (80%), 1:30 easy


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