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Big Strength

Victoria casually lifting some pounds with teammate Lauren looking on! PC: Oscar Bravo

Hey Team of Individuals!

Moving into this week, the plan was (and perhaps still is) to build Back Squats and Deadlifts and a few other morsels of muscle strength!

If you choose to revisit your Back Squat 5 x 5, look back into your notes and aim just a little bit higher on them. this could mean bumping up weight by 5-10lb for each set or maintaining most sets and hitting the last two harder. Either way, we're looking for an increase in ability versus last time!

We also have the opportunity to hit a 1 rep max in the strict pullup. This could take many forms, from getting a rep with the least amount of band assistance, to getting your first one with bodyweight, or even adding weight to your body! Any way you cook it, we want to develop this strict strength as much as possible to provide strenght and stability for the kipping to come.

For the Deadlifts that come up later this week, the target is a 3 rep max! So get prepped and start planning towards what that weight should be based on your recent performances.

So, lots to work on this week from the strength side, and also please take a look at BTWB for offsite conditioning workouts that can be done with running or rowing and a minimum of equipment.

See you soon!



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