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Buddy Monday

Partners for life! Diogo and Emily

Hey team,

I've really enjoyed the partner workouts that we've been doing recently... it's just great to see people working together and throwing down for more than just themselves, and I think it helps bring us together more. We're kicking off this week with a pretty fast paced amrap of relay rowing, pullups, and wallballs.

Pick your scaling right, hit it hard (since you know you'll get some rest) and have fun!

See you soon




WARM UP: 10 min

Row 150m

3/side prone scorpions

6 cobra to childs pose

9 slow descent air squats


3 REPS E90S x 12 min (8 rounds)

Build as you go, and work on jumping "into" the squat position!

WOD: Partner 25 min amrap

Goal is to get 5-6 rounds per partner, take a look at the notes!

Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 mins of:

Row, 250/200 m

10 Pull-ups

15 Wall Balls

tech notes

Alternate rounds with your partner! Choose scaling levels that allow for almost unbroken pullups and wallballs. Partner can start next round once you have run back and tapped the front of the rowing machine so hustle back!

FG2: Scale to 5 pullups, adjust wallball weight

FG1: Jumping pullups or ring rows


CP2: 5 ring or bar MU sub for pullups, option of heavy wallball


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