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Buddy Up!

Sumo deadlift high pull... yep it's in the wod!

Hey Team,

You've probably noticed that we've been putting in a few partner workouts recently. We've always included partner and team wods in our programming (with the notable exception of the past couple years) and they are a really fun way to work hard, share the experience, and meet new people.

You can look at partner workouts a number of different ways, and I encourage you to explore all of the options for choosing teammates and partners depending on the day and type of workout

1. Time based partner wods are great opportunities for people with different fitness and experience levels to team up. Since there are usually no minimum reps of any movement required, this is a great way to train with someone new while each person can go at their own pace and get a great workout

2. Rep based or round based workouts (where each person must do a certain amount of reps or rounds) are best done with someone around your fitness level. That will keep the work to rest ratios about the same for both of you, which usually results in the best workout for everyone involved

3. If you're feeling a bit inspired, try to team up with someone who is a bit stronger in the elements of the workout, and do your best to level up and keep up. This can apply to any kind of team or partner workout.

4. Remember that who ever you match up with as a partner, to encourage them and work together to have the best experience possible... after all, that's why we do this style of training - to work together and share the challenges and enjoyment of the wods!

We've got a tough partner challenge coming up for Wednesday Thursday that further introduces some running into our programming. This is a great one to pair up with anybody really, as each partner can do as much work as they want while their partner is out on the run. Have fun and pace it out for the long haul!




WARM UP: Rotating EMOM x 3

  1. Cossack squats x 5/side slow and smooth

  2. Lying thoracic rotations x 5/side slow and smooth

  3. 5 barbell deadlifts + 5 hang power cleans + 5 presses

  4. 50 single skips


One person runs 400m while the other accumulates reps on the other three movements. When the runner gets back, they pick up where their partner left off. Keep track of all rounds and reps of the 5-7-9 and report that as one score for the two of you!

AMRAP 30 mins:

Lateral Burpee Over Bars, Chest-to-bar Pull-ups, and Sumo Deadlift High-pulls


Partner running 400m

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 mins of:

5 Lateral Burpee Over Bars

7 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

9 Sumo Deadlift High-pulls, 95/65 lbs

FG3: 55/75, regular pullups

FG2: 45/65, assisted pullups or double reps jumping

FG1: scale as needed

CP1: Hang squat cleans

CP2: 115/75 hang squat cleans, bar MU sub for ctb


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